DC Water Main Pumping Station Diversions


Washington, D.C.


Civil Engineering

Project Size

150,000 SF

Completion Date


Total Cost

$4.5 Million


Parsons Professional Corporation

Wiles Mensch Corporation – DC (WM) provided surveying and civil engineering services for the DC Water Main Pumping Station Diversions as part of the Clean Rivers Project to reduce sewage overflow in the Anacostia River. The project required installation of diversion chambers to store and convey sewer overflows to the Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant for treatment before discharge to the Potomac River.

WM provided project management, surveying, and permit approval for the project. Surveying services included a topographic survey tied to benchmarks established for the Blue Plains Tunnel project to confirm and extend existing topography and establish baseline for the proposed construction. Utility surveys were completed using minimally intrusive utility location techniques to provide a Conditions Survey and confirm underground utilities, piping and other obstacle information.

A stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP), traffic control plan, and lighting plan were also completed for the site. Project completion required permitting approvals including tree removal permits, and DDOT approval for all field work done on the site, in accordance with the DDOT PDRM process.

Photos courtesy of: DC Water

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