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Wiles Mensch Corporation – DC (WM) was responsible for development of preliminary and final construction documents for the resurfacing of 11 streets and the reconstruction of three streets. The project included preparing the surveys and providing design services from concept to pre-construction activities. The scope of work also consisted of survey, geotechnical study, roadway resurfacing services.

Work included providing surveys for each of the 14 sites, geotechnical analysis, plotted topography, development of roadway resurfacing and reconstruction design including streetscape, sidewalk, curb and gutter replacement, street lighting, landscaping, pavement marking, signing and safety improvements for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic, signal modifications, typical sections, profiles, and a preliminary drainage and SWM report, and Maintenance of Traffic Plans were prepared for the project, to show the phasing of construction.
• Context Sensitive Design: CSD Measures were used for each of the projects under this contract. WM has been using CSD measures in all our design and used DDOT’s Design and Engineering Manual “Context Sensitive Design Guidelines”, Appendix H.
• Utility Coordination: Early coordination with each of the affected utility companies were performed. A utility matrix was developed for each of the projects listing the utilities and impacts. This list was continually updated and shared with DDOT Public Space Management Administration on a monthly basis showing outstanding issues and resolutions.
• Traffic Control: One of the major coordination efforts was the development of Maintenance of Traffic Plans with the Traffic Services Administration. Coordination with the individual neighborhoods, commercial establishments as well as bus routes, fire and rescue activities, school routes, pedestrian safety were reviewed and taken under consideration when developing the Maintenance of Traffic Plans.
• Public Outreach and Community Issues: Public outreach meetings and workshops were held to inform the community. Public outreach was ongoing throughout the project. WM prepared informational brochures and assisted in public meetings as required. WM met with the residential and business property owners, and keep them updated during the design phases. The Team’s goal was to minimize disruption to residents and businesses during construction.
• Environmental Issues: WM’s approach included working closely with environmental agencies prior to proceeding into preliminary design including DC Water to resolve hydrology/hydraulic issues and mitigation measures. WM was able to resolve issues related to environmental permits and mitigation measures in the least amount of time. Prior to beginning preliminary design, WM updated and confirmed the environmental issues within the project limits. Throughout the contract WM was in contact with environmental agencies for concurrence on the impacts.
• Construction Cost Estimates and Specifications: Construction cost estimates were developed for each of the submittals with appropriate contingency factors by utilizing the ASSHTO Estimator Program. In addition, DDOT Standard Specifications for Highway and Structures were used in development of construction specifications.

Photos courtesy of: DDOT

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