Kennedy Center 2021 Comprehensive Building Plan


Washington, D.C.


Civil Engineering
Landscape Architecture

Project Size

1.5 Million SF

Completion Date


Total Cost



DLR Group

The purpose of the project is to extensively update the existing Comprehensive Building Plan (CBP), to develop the 2021 CBP as related to identifying Capital Improvement projects and to develop a Facility Conditions Report to identify minor repairs and maintenance items. The primary focus of this CBP is the building’s infrastructure, including the architectural and structural fabric of the building exterior (including paved surfaces and waterproofing needs), major building infrastructure systems related to the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, fire protection systems, and conveyance equipment. Special emphasis will be placed on upgrades to the three primary theaters: the Concert Hall, Opera House and Eisenhower Theater.

The project includes physical survey of the facility, providing updated information on problems and issues that have been identified in previous iterations of the CBP, and identifying any new issues. WM is responsible for providing civil engineering and landscape architecture services in order to complete a due diligence report. The civil site assessment will include several areas of study to adequately relate the site conditions and constraints to the Client, including: background, physical analysis, site survey analysis, public improvements, site grading analysis, stormwater management assessment, and wet utility assessment.

Landscape architecture evaluation will serve to assess the existing site conditions and to provide feedback on potential deficiencies and issues. The site will be evaluated for circulation and connection to the surrounding urban landscape in coordination with the previously completed Kennedy Center Master Plan – Memorial Interpretation & Visitor Experience. Assessments of the campus grounds will be completed as required to assess the existing conditions of the exterior site hardscape and landscape elements. The campus grounds will also be evaluate as required to visually assess the existing conditions of the exterior site fountains, and provide appropriate evaluations. WM will include a review of permanently fixed sculptural elements located on the Kennedy Center property, and provide recommendations for repair and maintenance of the art installations. Sculptural elements will be evaluated for damage, imperfections, or potential hazards.

Photos courtesy of: Kennedy Center

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