The Australian Embassy


Washington, D.C.


Civil Engineering
Landscape Architecture

Project Size

96,850 SF

Completion Date

2022 est.

Total Cost




Wiles Mensch Corporation – DC (WM) provided services for upgrades to The Embassy of the Commonwealth of Australia in Washington, DC. The project involved removal and replacement of the existing Australian chancery building to provide a secure, contemporary and environmentally-efficient facility that supports the advancement of Australia’s foreign policy.

The project will relocate the parking garage entrance and exit to the public alley, eliminating the existing curb cuts and reducing potential vehicular and pedestrian conflicts. The garage will include 92 vehicle parking spaces. WM also provided extensive landscaping along all street frontages to evoke the Australian landscape while maintaining consistency with the District’s vernacular.

This project required assessment of compliance of the design with the Australian National Construction Code (NCC) and Building Code of Australia (BCA) .

Photos courtesy of: Bates Smart

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