NPS – National Mall Restoration



Civil Engineering

Project Size

146 Acres

Completion Date


Total Cost

$40 Million


Clark Construction

With over 3,000 special events on the National Mall every year, grounds maintenance becomes significantly challenging. Wiles Mensch Corporation – DC (WM) provided an extensive range of surveying and civil engineering services, in support of restorative efforts to improve turf and soil conditions on the 146-acre National Mall.

The multi-year effort included tasks such as the replacement of aging walkways with sustainable, low-maintenance paving materials and redesigning infrastructure to better accommodate tents, stages, and pedestrian access including cyclers. The scope of land surveys included all GPS, ground control, topographic, utility, and subsurface utility designation services to identify all existing conditions across the entire length of the National Mall. Site design services included identification and analysis of the turf problems, and production of final Construction Documents for all site civil areas including all grading, subsoil drainage, utility infrastructure, and development of 1MG subsurface cisterns and pumps to provide runoff storage and supplemental water for the new irrigation system.

In addition to surveying and civil engineering services, WM also provided supplemental services that included groundwater boring and monitoring; and several tests that included quarterly grab sample; well flow, water permeability, soil compression, and hydrant flow testing.

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